Birthday Messages

Birthday Messages

Birthday cards & Birthday messages to the close ones!

Finding the perfect way to wish someone on their birthday is not that easy as it seems. It is tough to measure and collect the words to show the love you have for them. You need some special messages or quotes to share in order to make them feel more special. To make your loved ones’ birthday more special and joyful, you can write some amazing birthday cards messages. Sending the birthday greeting is the traditional way of wishing someone, but when you write some catchy birthday quotes, then it could look unique and beautiful.

Here in this article, we bring some amazing birthday cards messages that cover different emotions. Moreover, we will provide you the multiple categories of birthday wishes that can make your friend overwhelming. If you are about to wish a girl, then there are multiple options, but you may have some selective options if it’s a boy.

If you feel the same situation, then don’t stress out because we are here to amaze you with some trendy and lovable quotes that can change your friend’s mood within seconds. By sending the below-discussed texts to your friends, you can tell them how much love you have for them! So don’t worry about where to buy birthday cards as they are available easily nowadays. Choosing the right one is more important.

Is it necessary to send birthday quotes to your friends?

When someone who is nearest and dearest to your heart turns a year older, then you want to do everything for them. You want to make their day extra memorable by sending gifts and flowers with quotes. Whether you are going to a birthday party, a cocktail party, or planning a dinner with the birthday boy/girl, you should give them a special birthday card as an honor. But do you know that you can maximize their happiness when you add some handwritten quotes on that? Picking a card or searching for how to make birthday cards for your best friend, colleagues on their birthday is a significant task and writing amazing quotes is tougher. 

To make these things easier here, we collect some amazing birthday quotes for the boys & girls. By writing these messages, you can show them how much you love and appreciate them to be in your life. Make your friend’s birthday memorable by presenting him/her with a personalized birthday card with quotes by searching how to make birthday cards, special.

Want to fill the blank birthday cards with love?

Do you want to fill the blank birthday cards with love and happiness? If you want to surprise your friend in an innovative way, then this could be the best search result! Birthdays come once a year, and therefore it is necessary to make your loved ones feel special on that day. Most of us have no issues picking up the pen and adding the warm and special lovable quotes. But, what about those people who feel trouble finding words beyond the “Happy Birthday!”

Here we give you some meaningful what to write in birthday cards messages that you can put on your cards to give you the most inspirational spectrum. Now, let’s move ahead into the next section and check amazing categories of birthday messages. 

 Different categories for wishing Happy Birthday to your loved one!

When you want to add some small little things to your card to make them more special and memorable, then you might search for the words or what to write in birthday cards. Here are some recommendations or wishes that give you instant ideas to add a little warmth to your cards!

Examples of Regular Birthday wishes for anyone:

  1. Happy Birthday “X”!
  2. Happy Birthday, dear; I hope you are celebrating your birthday with great fun!
  3. Wishing you this day with a warm hug & a lot of kisses!
  4. The Happiest Birthday to the loveliest person on this planet!
  5. Hey! Wishing you a happy birthday; you deserve everything on this day!
  6. Happy Birthday, friend! Hope today is filled with gallons of love and hugs!
  7. Hope you have a blast to remember your 30th Birthday 
  8. Happy Birthday, cheers to celebrating another year of your life!
  9. Happy Birthday, keep growing, getting stronger, wiser & funnier!
  10. Happy Birthday to one of the closest people of my life!
  11. Happy Birthday, Love! Thanks for being with me for another year.
  12. Happy Birthday; sending you the warmest wishes & love on your birthday as always!
  13. Hey! Be safe, have fun, click selfies & enjoy every second of this day!


Examples for celebrating the Milestone Birthdays 

If a friend of yours is going to enter into his/her milestone (16, 18, 21, 30, 50, 60, 65, 70, etc.), then give special messages in order to bring a smile to his/her face!

  1. Woohoo, happy birthday! I can’t believe you are entering into your 50’s!
  2. Happy birthday” x”! You are entering into your 40’s! I hope you will miss those days of your 20s right now!
  3. Celebrating milestone birthdays are significant, especially when people have a friend like you!
  4. Hey! Now you are old enough to tell stories to your grandchildren and young enough to enjoy it undoubtedly!
  5. Hey, babes! Happy Birthday, Today we are celebrating you, the girl who never ever makes me feel bad and weak!

Examples of funny Birthday Wishes 

When you share a great bond with your friends, then you can crack funny jokes to them. Sharing a smile with the birthday girl or boy is the best thing. 

  1. Happy Birthday to my partner in crime, who helped me by providing copies during exams!
  2. Happy Birthday to my fashion influencer, who makes me ready for every occasion!
  3. Receive all the center of attention today because tomorrow will be mine! Happy Birthday, piggy!
  4. Happy birthday Shakespeare; keep writing the humored jokes!
  5. Hey, may the cake calories go straight to your stomach!
  6. Happy Birthday, my piggy bank; I hope all your weird wishes come true this year!
  7. Sorry, I have no money to send flowers, so sending you the warmest hugs and kisses!
  8. Hey! Turning one year older, cheers to your wrinkles!
  9. Hey! Please stop aging so gracefully; you make me jealous!
  10. Have a great day, idiot; don’t wait for my cake, go & sleep!

Examples for sending belated birthday messages!

If you forgot the birthday of someone nearest and dearest, then give them these special messages to say sorry and wish them belated!

  1. So, sorry girl, my wishes are reaching you too late! I hope it was the best & memorable! 
  2. Happy Birthday: It’s late but sending you the messages with the same love and warmth.
  3. Hey! You are receiving this text right now, not on your actual day, but it contains the same emotions from my side.
  4. Hey, I know I am late, but the celebration should not be limited to one day! Happy belated Birthday!
  5. I don’t know how I forgot your birthday? So sorry and sending the love and warmth to you. Happy belated birthday!

Examples of wishing birthday texts For a Friend 

Sometimes you want to give a special feeling to your friends to be with you; let’s check the below ones:

  1. Happy birthday to the friend who makes me feel special every day!
  2. Happy birthday my lifeline; I couldn’t imagine my days without you!
  3. Hey, I really appreciate your love for me; thanks for being with me in the ups and downs, sending you the hugs and smiles on your day!
  4. I hope you are celebrating a great birthday, with taking all my memories! I will be there soon!
  5. Hey, you are turning one year older; it means we will celebrate one more year of our friendship. Happy birthday and cheers to one more year of our friendship!

Happy birthday messages For Mom 

Your Mom is the blessing for you who celebrates you every day. But this is the day when you celebrate her being in your life. Let’s check the below messages for your Mom!

  1. Hey bong lady! I feel so blessed that you are in my life. Cheers to one more year!
  2. Happy birthday to the most beautiful lady who brings me into this world and cares for me like a prince/princess!
  3. Heartfelt thanks to my lady who helps me in each and every moment to battle with the negativities!
  4. Mom, you are the best. Happy birthday & thank you for bringing me into your life!
  5. The more time flies, the more I feel grateful to have you in my life.
  6. I hope your birthday brings some more chocolates, candies, and dishes. Jokes apart Happy Birthday, my beautiful lady!
  7. I may not tell you this thing all the time, but yes, I love you, Mom, and I feel so lucky to have you! Happy birthday.
  8. Happy birthday, Mom! Sending you smiles, and love to the lady who makes efforts every day to make me feel special.
  9. I wish I could be there to rejoice with you. Have fun with dad; I miss you!
  10. Happy birthday and cheers to your gray hair. Mom Love you

Happy birthday messages For Dad 

We may not put effort into making our dad special, but deep inside, we all have great respect and love for them. This is the day when you should say them the things that you keep for them in your heart!

  1. Happy birthday to my real-life Hero, My dad!
  2. Dad, it’s a great pleasure to get a father like you, so understanding and supportive. Happy birthday, dad!
  3. I really feel lucky when I got you as my dad!
  4. Thanks, Dad, for being with me in every up and down & giving me so much confidence. Celebrate your day and make this memorable!
  5. I have always been proud to be your daughter/son because you complete me! Looking forward to so many tours with you!
  6. Happy birthday, dad! I hope you are missing me right now. Sorry, I couldn’t be there with you, but I am reaching to you soon!
  7. Happy birthday to the man who taught me how to battle with the negativities and gives me confidence every day, and that’s my dad!
  8. Dad, Happy Birthday and cheers to your grey hair!

Happy birthday messages for a Child 

  1. Happy birthday “X” Celebrate your day with lots of chocolates and candies!
  2. Happy birthday my prince/princess! Thanks a ton for being my daughter or son!
  3. Yey! You are celebrating your five years today. I can’t believe you are growing up so soon!
  4. Hey my child, happy Birthday; Mumma brings you some more gifts and candies today!
  5. How can I say that how much I love you, baby! You are my sunshine, who makes me proud every single day. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday messages For a Spouse or Significant Other 

If you are married, or you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and wants to send him/her special messages on his/her special day, then follow the below points:

  1. Hey baby, I love you and am blessed to have you in my life. Happy birthday my love!
  2. Happy birthday to the person who makes me feel like a princess/prince every day!
  1. Thanks, baby, for being mine; happy birthday to the person who will be forever mine.
  1. Baby, it’s your day, and I can’t wait to celebrate you and your love!
  2. Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl who supports me and accepts me by knowing all my flaws.

Happy birthday messages for Professional colleagues:

It is necessary to have a good relationship with your colleagues also. So for this, you should make them feel special and wish them on their special day!

  1. Happy birthday X, and all the best for your coming years!
  2. Hey X, It’s a pleasure to work with you hope you are enjoying your day!
  3. Hey, “x” cheers to another year. I hope this year will bring some more opportunities and financial growth for you!

Examples of Signing a Group Card happy birthday messages:

If you are going to present something big to your friend as a group, then here are some amazing signs for the group card that you can mention:

  1. We are celebrating our love!
  2. Happy Burr- Day!
  3. Cheers to your 20s!
  4. I am sending you the birthday hugs!
  5. Have a sweet and joyful day!
  6. Let the joy begin now!
  7. Be happy and be bold! And, be yourself!
  8. Yes! You are glowing more!
  9. I can’t believe you are getting older!
  10. Cheers to your wrinkles!


By learning the above contents and going through the multiple examples of birthday quotes, now, you can confidently wish your loved ones and share your love towards them! Search for where to buy birthday cards  or check our beautiful collection of Birthday Cards and get a unique one for your special one!


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