Wedding Messages

Wedding Messages


Wedding Messages

Weddings are special occasions. They mark the union of two people and their family and friends and hence a wedding message should be carefully draft so that you can accurately convey what you have in your mind. Most people stop at a Congratulations!. However, if the couple question is a friend or family member, your wedding message  on wedding cards should convey the joy you feel for them.

If you are struggling to pen down your heart-felt messages, read on to know more about the etiquette on writing wedding messages and a few samples that you can use.

Wedding Message Etiquette

The thing to do after you receive a wedding invitation is to pick out a card, pen down a congratulatory message and send it to the couple. You can even prepare the card and hand it over to the couple on the day of the wedding along with your wedding gift. However, since the times have changed due to the Coronavirus infection and most people shrinking the guest list according to the pandemic stipulations, you can still send a card to let the couple know that you are happy for them and even though you are not present at the wedding, you are still thinking of them.

While most people pick out card from stores, you can make one of your own to tell the couple how much you love them. However, if you are visiting a stationary store for the card, you can throw in cute gifts along with the card. You can find home-made cards and several cute products that can accompany your wedding wish and make it look cuter.

However, if you are picking out a gift from the couple’s registry, make sure you add a card too.

Using Congratulations!

Congratulations is a popular used to convey your joy for the couple. Interestingly, once it was considered a faux pax to say congratulations to a newly married woman as the term would mean that the woman is congratulated for landing a man. However, times have changed and so has communication. If you are not sure you want to use the terms congratulations, you can just stick to the plain-old and safer best wishes!

What to Write in a Wedding Card

Depending on the situation and your relationship with the couple, there are different tones in which you can write your wedding message. If you are writing a message to an office colleague, a formal tone would work. However, if it is for your best friend, the tone would be personal and informal. Check out these sample messages to see what you should write as a wedding message in different situations:

Formal Wedding Messages

  • Dear XYZ, Wish you both a world of happiness and joy
  • Wish you the very best on your journey together!
  • May today mark the commencement of a wonderful journey for the both of you!
  • Thank you for making me a part of the most important day of your lives. Wishing you happiness, abundance and joy!
  • This is the start of an adventure together for the both of you. I am grateful that I am here to witness the beginning of this adventure. Much love and best wishes!
  • Wishing you loads of joy, luck and prosperity for the both of you as you take the first step towards togetherness forever!
  • Praying that the joy and happiness you feel today continuous for the rest of your life together. Best wishes!

Informal Wedding Wishes

  • Wishing the best for my favourite couple. Best of luck!
  • Congratulations to both of you as you take the first step towards togetherness forever on this day!
  • Wishing you truckloads of happiness and joy through your life together!
  • As you embark on this magical journey together, may the love and respect you have had for each other last you a life time
  • Here’s a little something from me as you start this lovely journey (In case you are including a gift)

Funny Wedding Wishes

You can use these wishes for someone who is close to you like your best friend. It is always fun to include a bit of humour in your message. It is lighter, touches the other person and shows your love for them. Here is what you can write:

  • Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enjoy the best of food and drinks while you are busy getting married. Congratulations!
  • I haven’t been this happy since India won the last World Cup. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations! I have sobbed so hard in a while. Wishing you the best!
  • Happy to break the dance floor for my favourite couple. Congratulations!

Religious Wedding Wishes

These are ideal for couples that are religious. Here is what you can write:

  • Wish you a blessed married life!
  • Pray that your wedding is as strong as your faith!
  • Prayers and much love to the both of you on this auspicious day!
  • May the Lord bless you both and your union!
  • Mazel Tov! Wishing you the best on your best day!

For Family

  • Welcome to our family. Congratulations!
  • I am so excited and happy to welcome you as our new family member. Congratulations!
  • We love you both. Welcome to our little family. I am sure it is going to be so much fun to have you with us. Congratulations!
  • We could not be more happier to welcome you into our family. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations! Much love to the both of you! We are excited to welcome you into our family!

These messages  on greeting cards are simple, straightforward and effectively communicate your emotion for the occasion and the couple. So do not stress when it comes to writing down a wedding message. You can easily pick out a few messages and write them into your greeting cards online at Pop up Cards Direct  Australia  and let the couple know how special they are and how happy you are for them.  So, what you waiting for? Get writing now!

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